Re-Create is a non profit, self funded organisation. We started from scratch in August 2011. At that time we had one building, six people attended our service per day and we had two staff and one volunteer. We currently have two buildings and offer services to up to 40 people per day. We now have a staff team of 11 all of whom are enrolled on or have completed diplomas in health and social care which are delivered by YMCA Training. These increased numbers speak for themselves and support our belief that we are offering much needed services and resources.

As previously stated we are non profit and self funded. The only income we receive is from the placements of people who use our services and the money that we make from our shop and printing service, all of which are staffed and maintained by people who use our service along side our support team.

We offer a thriving, vibrant and meaningful service. We are a unique service as all of our therapeutic activities are work based and we have an actual shop on-site, which gives a very strong focus, tangible results and real customer interaction.

Our activities are personalised and accessible. They incorporate skills such as numeracy, literacy, team work, cognitive development, fine motor skills and communication to mention but a few.


We promote peer support and all these skills are tailored to the individual and supported through practical application which is a unique alternative to class room learning.

Not only are we providing invaluable services to people with learning disabilities we are also saving landfill by collecting surplus stock items from local businesses for reuse which in turn saves them money.

Countless schools, nurseries, community groups and individuals purchase our recycled and upcycled art and crafts materials. All of these groups/individuals benefit from the low cost art and craft materials and unique items and ideas that they cannot acquire elsewhere. Many of our customers like to shop with us on ethical grounds, for the unique experience that they have when they visit or simply to support a local business which is making a huge difference to individuals and the local community.

In addition to the above we also offer a space for other organisations such as Realise Futures via Phoenix rising and 4YP to deliver educational courses which support learning disabled people to live fulfilled, healthy lives and gain independence.

Social workers, Health professionals NSFT and The advocacy group ACE Anglia also hold reviews and run sessions from our premises as more traditional, formal settings can be intimidating for individuals and lead to them missing out on vital information, opportunities and having a voice through non engagement. The space is provided at no cost to the organisations as the benefits outweigh the monetary value to us and we are all ultimately working toward the same goals.

We also offer a unique work experience program to the Thomas Wolsey school, Stone Lodge Academy, Easton and Otley College, Lapwing and WS Training which gives their students a real insight into the types of services which are options for them after school/college. This also extends to mainstream schools and colleges such as Northgate, Copleston, Suffolk One and Suffolk new college .

We have worked tirelessly to get to where we are today and we are a stable, financially viable organisation.

- Graham Mann, Operations Manager