13 July 2015

James D Here. I have asked 6 Different People about Re-Create Who Are;

Andrew, Richard, Scott, Michelle, Jim, Craig, Robert

Question 1 is 'What do you like about Re-Create?'

Andrew said "It's very good and lots of opportunities for people to come here"

Richard said "Do jobs that you want"

Scott Said "I like to doing the work"

Michelle said "It is good here and I like the jobs"

Jim said "Everything and I love different jobs here"

Craig said "I love the jobs here"

Robert said "Having friends"

Question 2 is 'What is your favourite Equipment/Job When you are doing work?'

Andrew said "All different things and I don't have a favourite"

Richard said "Cutting and Packing"

Scott said "Cutting and Pricing"

Michelle said "Cutting and Pricing"

Jim said "Cutting"

Craig said "Counting and Packing"

Robert said "Packing and Pricing"

Question 3 'What do you think of the staff?'

Andrew said "They are very nice, good and helpful"

Richard said "Quite Good"

Scott said "They are fun"

Michelle said "Good"

Jim said "Good"

Craig said "Very good staff"

Robert said "Good and lovely"

Question 4 'Do you like working on your own, in a Team or Both?'

Everyone Said Both Except Craig Who prefers Being in a Team.

Question 5 'Do you like the T-Shirts from Re-Create and the Colours of the T-Shirts'

Andrew, Scott, Michelle, Jim & Robert loves the T-Shirts and the Colours as well.

Except Richard who said it's all right and he likes the colours of the T-Shirts.

And Also Craig said He prefers his own T-Shirts and choose his own colours.

Question 6 If you want to change something in Re-Create What would it be?

Andrew said everything is fine and equal

Richard said moving the tabled and chairs and having the same staff in the same area

Scott said Brand New Jobs in Re-Create

Michelle said Just the way it is

Jim said My friends would like to come here

Craig said Just the way it is and it is perfect as well

Robert said everything is perfect here at Re-create

Question 7 Do you like the layout of Re-Create Website. If Yes The what would you like to change or add to the Website?

Andrew, Scott & Robert haven't seen the Re-Create Website

Richard said Half and Half and more Layout on the Website

Michelle said just as it is

Jim said I have had a look at the Re-Create Website and wants more pictures of people working in Re-Create

Craig said I have had a look at the Re-Create Website and leaves it just as it is

18 May 2015

I have been with Re-create for 2 Years now and a lot of the jobs I liked are Guillotining, Cutting, Putting Labels on the bags, I did excellent serving customers in the shop.

I liked a lot of the staff here at Re-create, Only seeing Lauren as a friend at Re-create.

Other than Lauren I didn't get along with everybody else.

I always put the radio to listen to the music and helps me when I am doing my work.

Instead of all of that work behind me and being there for 2 years. I have come back to update the Re-create Website, Help Graham to add more schools & colleges to Twitter.

The updates that I will be doing to the end of July are Helping Graham with the Testimonials, Picture Gallery, News, Our Shop Info & T-Shirt Printing on the Re-create Website 2015.

I do packaging, labelling, pricing, cutting, rolling, bagging and cutting material. I have also worked in the shop area and used the till which I really enjoyed. I haven't any printing yet.

I like coming here because I work and do jobs upstairs and downstairs. I have made lots of friends since I started here a few weeks ago.

I have no problems. The best thing about coming to Re-create is to do lots of different types of work and learning how to do new jobs.

I have no problems, I like making new friends and getting to know new people. I enjoy coming here and I am happy.

I really like doing all the jobs here and mixing with the people at Re-create.

I am happy here.

The best thing about coming here is going out in the van with Graham collecting deliveries.

I have no problems, it is good here and I like it. I have something to do and I mix with lots of people at Re-create.

I do packaging, labelling, pricing, cutting, sticking, and rolling, bagging up which I enjoy.

I used the till in the shop and served customers.

I have no problems, and I really like doing all the jobs here. It is a fun place to be.

29 September 2013

In September 2013 an independent Careers practitioner interviewed many of our service users to seek their feedback on the services and activities offered by Re-Create.

The practitioner stated "One thing that is apparent from the moment you enter Re-create is that it is a friendly, sociable place where everyone is happy and enjoying what they are doing."

She went onto say "It was evident that the clients gained a sense of achievement as they interacted with staff to identify what they had done throughout the day and mapped this on their core skills sheets."

Feedback from individual service users included:

"The main jobs I enjoy completing are using the guillotine, cutting squares and bagging. My favourite job is cutting squares"

"I really enjoy attending re-create, best thing about the service is meeting new people and doing lots of jobs. I like using the guillotine, I don't have a favourite job, I don't mind doing any job just like coming here."

" I really like working upstairs this is my favourite place, love all the jobs. I find it hard counting but don't have to do that job if I don't want to. The best thing about Re-create is meeting all my friends."

"My favourite job is guillotining, I find things difficult when learning new jobs but know if it gets too much I can ask to change jobs. Sometimes others behaviour can be annoying but staff stop it. I get on well with the staff and I am happy."

"I have made new friends and I really like making things for the shop. Staff are very helpful and the best jobs are serving customers and stocking shelves. I have no problems I am happy here."

"My favourite job is guillotining which is good. Everything is good."

"I like serving customers, don't like counting too much. I like the people and I like Re-create."

"The best thing about it is talking to my friends and doing work. I like doing the pricing, I don't like the hole punching as it's hard and it hurts my hands. I like all the jobs I do, I'm very happy here and attending 2 days a week."

" I like counting cards and tying in bunches, happy here one day a week."

" I now feel more relaxed and I like coming here. Best thing about Re-create is I have got lots of friends, there is no job I don't like but my favourite job is pricing. I like talking to the people and I am happy here."

" I like pricing and cutting. I am happy here and I think two days is enough for me."

" it's good and I like all the other people, I've got lots of friends and I like doing all the jobs. If I had a problem I would talk to any of the staff. I am always happy here."

" I like all the jobs. I like coming here as I like all the people. I have no problems and don't want to change anything."

" I like doing any job and I like my food. It is very good coming here. I'll do any jobs, I am happy here. I like the radio being on when I work. I love it here."


The practitioner stated that the main feedback received from the clients was that:

They were happy
They liked meeting all their friends and doing the different work.
They felt supported by the staff and comfortable in speaking to the staff if they had any problems.
"The service has expanded greatly but has not lost the relaxed, creative and adaptive atmosphere which encourages expression, integration and empowerment and is encouraged by every staff member."